Mats Hummels
Full Name: Mats Julian Hummels
Nick Name: Mats Hummels
Birth Place: Begisch Gladbach,West Germany
Date of Birth: December 16,1988
Height: 6'3"
Official Website:
Weight: 90 Kg
Squad Number: 15
Position: Center Back
Teams/Clubs: Borussia Dortmund,Germany
Mats Hummels Biography:
Mats Hummels was born on December 16,1988 in Begisch Gladbach,West Germany.He is a very good Germany Professional footballer.Currently he is playing for Borussia Dortmund as a Defender.His shirt number is 15.He is a very good tall handsome footballer.He has very good sharp and fast skills.He can play good with both feet.He started playing football at the age of 7 in 1995.He started playing for bayern Munich.After that he went to the Bayern Munich professional team and played for them.A lot of other clubs invited him to join their club but Mats Hummels is still with his favorite club.He has played more than 76 matches with Club.His value is too high.A lot of teams are after her to bring him their team.
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Mats Hummels Wallpaper
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